Monday, December 20, 2010

More Wrapping

When I set up the Christmas Countdown, I figured this would be a busy week, with lots of things left to get done, and I knew that we had MOMS Recipe Club this morning (Gawd, I just sound so domestic, don't I?!), and wouldn't want another big to-do, so today's official activity was to wrap some presents.

And we did. One for the family (There's one more in route from Amazon, then we're done with them!) and then two of Shrike's "real" gifts, one from me and one from Peeper (well, that's really all of her real gifts; the other thing I'm wrapping up is technically for all of us), and then her stocking gifts.

I've explained to Peeper that (let me see if I've got my story straight, here. . . .) Santa will put some gifts in her stocking, but he only brings gifts to kids, and not to grown-ups, so she and I are going to put some gifts in Mommy's stocking, and she and Mommy will put some in my stocking. (I hope!)

Now, we just have to find some time to lay out Peeper's gifts and see what's what and get them wrapped. Not sure when that's going to happen!

Here's Peeper decorating a gift for one of her cousins.

And, we're done.

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