Monday, December 20, 2010

Chili Kid

Peeper likes chili. She calls it "foop" and she steals it from me when she can.

Well, she's usually willing to take some bites of mine, either on her own, or offered from my spoon, after she's crawled up in my lap while I'm trying to eat.

Today, we were wrapping gifts and watching The Year Without a Santa Claus (We're watching it a lot.) and I heated up the last bit of a can of beef and beanchili from yesterday.

I put it in the coffee table and went to get a drink, and . . . .

Of course, that bowl was no where near full, but it was a me-sized serving, which is much larger than what I'd usually serve Peeper, which she usually wouldn't come anywhere near finishing.

See her green bowl and spoon there? I offered to transfer it, so it would be easier to eat, but she was having no parts of that.

I just let her have it, and went and fixed a bowl of the white chili that I'd taken to recipe club this morning. She had a bit of that, too. I think I got two bites of the beef. Which is fine by me.


What say you?