Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Longest Night of The Year

Well, it ended up being better than it was looking for a while but, well, let's just let Facebook tell the story, complete with various diagnoses from across the world. (Seriously, there were people from Britain and Australia commenting!)

Would much rather be outside freezing my ass off to see the eclipse while Peeper sleeps peacefully in bed, than rocking/nursing her in the chair because she panics "NOOOOO! NOOOOO! NOOOOO!" everytime I try to take her back to bed. Something obviously hurts but she can't tell me what. The answer to every question is "NOOOOOO!"

Maybe that chili is catching up with her and she has a tummy ache? The two molars that are coming in? Getting a cold? Hoping the Tylenol she had a while ago will help.

I may be sleeping right here in my computer chair. I don't think this is what they meant when they said it's the longest night of the year.


 ‎:( awwww poor thing. Oh, the kid too :-P
Feel better Peeper! The eclipse is nice but having a mama to give you milkies when things are tough is better.

sorry to hear that. Hope she feels better soon. M is being stubborn as well but it's only midnight here! He's had a hard time sleeping since we left. I WISH I could see the eclipse! I'm very much awake but We are having a major storm here it's been down pouring for 3 days now and I don't think it's stopping anytime soon!

She went down with no problem, woke after an hour or so and nursed back down, but was more upset than usual, then about 1/2 hour later woke up freaking out. (Not night-terror freaking; she knew me and was responding, even if every response was "NO!") Finally moved to the chair and she nursed back to sleep, but I can't get her back to bed w/o waking and freaking out again. Poor thing.

Also, I spilled apple cider in my keyboard and have to beat the hell out of P and K to get them to work. Dear Santa: Keyboard, please?

Pry the letters up and clean under them. They should snap on and off

be careful... We've broken a few keys off permanently like that...

Every time the boys would do that - particularly cry on movement - it was an ear infection. Poor little thing. Due to daylight saving we're waiting for eclipse on bright, warm summer evening.

Do you have any Tums? If it is the chili, it might help. They are just calcium, so I don't see how they could be a problem for her and they don't taste bad, so she might be willing to eat it.

I vote for chili tummy over sick; it will get better faster. Although with my kids, it was *always* an ear infection. We had Christmas red ears more than one year.
The ears usually hurt more when they lay down. I'm so sorry mommies!!!!

We transferred to bed around 3:30. She woke crying a few times but settled down. She seems happy this morning, but with a snotty nose.

Based on my personal experience, I'm saying she either had a sore throat or one of those sinus headaches that starts at your hair and goes all the way down to your teeth.

I thought about ears last night (but it seemed she should've had a cold first?) and looked for drops, but we couldn't find them. I need to look again, just in case.

We had our first ear infection last year for Christmas. At the doctor on 12/23 for antibiotics and back on 12/26 for a look at the rash she popped out with on Christmas Day!

If it is ears, let's get them over with now, before our trip to Texas in 8 days!!!
Today she's very snotty, but not acting sick. She didn't transition to the bed well for her nap though. Hope it goes more smoothly this evening.


  1. What Are You Getting for Christmas?
    (Erma Bombeck)

    Someone asked me what my kids were getting for Christmas this year, and I said, "I really don't know. Either a chest cold, stomach flu or walking diarrhea." I don't worry about them. They always come up with something - even if it's at the last minute.

    When they were small we always used to hear stories of Christmas about how people went to parties or watched the big tree at the court house being lit up.

    Once when I was at the drugstore having prescriptions filled, I even saw a group of people singing. I didn't know what it was all about so I asked the druggist.

    He said, "They're called carolers and they go out and sing in front of homes and sometimes they're invited in for punch and cookies." "But how do they get their medication?" I asked.
    "They're not sick, and they don't need medication," he said.

    That was the first time I realized that not everyone got sick at Christmas. It made me curious about how other people spent the holiday.

    My neighbor to the left had four children, and the one on the right had two. One day we compared notes.

    "I heard that Betty, the childless secretary in the next block, and her husband come down on Christmas morning in their robes and slippers and open their gifts before breakfast."
    "Big deal," said Helen. "We do that."
    "But wait!" I said. "AFTER THAT THEY GET DRESSED."
    "Maybe their drugstore doesn't deliver on Christmas day," said Charmaine.
    "No, I think they go to church and then go to someone's home for a big turkey dinner with stuffing, cranberries, sweet potatoes and pecan pie."

    No one said anything for a minute. Then Helen said, "I've got to go home and pull together some clear broth, Jell-O and Seven-Up."
    "And I've got nose drops at 2 o'clock, antibiotics at 3 and Kaopectate at 3:30" said Charmaine.

    There are a lot of theories as to why children get sick at Christmas. Some say it's the excitement - others contend it's the exhaustion that makes you vulnerable. My own theory is that we're probably allergic to all that ho-ho-hoing and will break out with something every time we hear happiness.

    Besides, if childless Betty ever got a rectal thermometer as a stocking stuffer, she wouldn't know what to do with it.

  2. The Christmas that I was five, my family went to spend a few festive days with my aunt and uncle. Everyone except my brother, who was a newborn (yay breastfeeding!) got stomach flu. Excluding my brother, there were four people in my family kissing the porcelain bus, and five in my aunt and uncle's clan. It hit in the wee small hours after we'd all gone to bed with our tummies full of Christmas dinner. I myself was so sick that a doctor actually came to the house to check on me. After that Christmas, my mom decided that we would not travel during the holidays again. There's nothing like your own bed when you're puking. I hope Peeper is really not coming down with anything. Maybe she just had some gas pains from the chili.

  3. Last night was even longer. I could NOT move her to bed. I finally gave up and around 4 am, I fell asleep in my computer chair. By about 6:30 I couldn't take it any more, and I told her that we HAD to move.

    She said, "Noooo. Boppy!" so I told her she could sleep on the boppy in the bed, and that was acceptable.

    Of course, as soon as she was back asleep, I was able to slide her off onto the bed and FINALLY get some real sleep.

    For naptime and bedtime today, though, she transitioned with no problem at all. Knock wood.


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