Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Arts and Eats

We did a bit of Christmas crafting this afternoon.

Someday, I will learn to prepare these things ahead of time, and will avoid this conversation, which we seem to have every time:

Whozat: Hey, you want to make a picture of Santa with a fuzzy beard?
Peeper: Humhummuh!!!
Whozat: Okay, let me find some paper, and cotton balls, and scissors, and oh, don't grab it while I'm cutting, wait a minute, we're almost ready, hang on, hey, where are you going?
(With a lot of help) she did end up making pictures of Santa, Rudolph and a snowman.

Later, I read this idea for Rudolph sandwiches, and had to try it out. Of course, I didn't have the right kind of pretzels, but we made do.

This is Peeper's. She put on the eyes, and then I finally had to put the nose on myself and physically restrain her for long enough to take a photo, because she'd already eated about four red M&Ms that were intended for Rudy!

And this is mine. Not all that different, actually.

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