Friday, December 24, 2010

Cookies for Santa

Although we also opened a few gifts, had dinner with Shrike's family at her sister's house, and all went to a Christmas Eve church service (at the Unitarian Universalist church that her sister's family attends), our "official" activity for today was to leave out cookies for Santa Claus.

We actually left him pretzel treats, which Peeper very carefully laid out on the plate.

Oh, have I mentioned the plate?

The November MOMS Night Out activity for MOMS Club was a pottery painting party. Shrike was working, but I went, and painted a plate to put Santa's cookies on forever.

I wasn't thrilled with the background color - I wanted a midnight blue, but it was a "take and make" so we only had a limited variety of paints. I mixed and mixed and got something that I could live with, but I wish I'd put it on a little thicker, especially right around Santa. Oh well. Live and learn.

Oh yeah, and we thought he might like some hot chocolate, but figured it would get cold before he got here, so we just left out a mug and a packet of mix, so he could make his own when he arrived.

The plate

Peeper filling the plate

Peeper samping the wares

Santa's hot chocolate mix. We went with the sugar free. To make up for all the cookies, you know.

Then we moved it to the higher table, to protect it (a bit) from the doggies.

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