Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Festivities

This evening, as we've done the past several years, we had dinner at Shrike's sister's house and then the whole family (us, her sister/partner/kids, parents and grandparents) went to the Christmas Eve service at the Unitarian Univeralist church that her sister and her family attend.

This is a tradition that we've really come to enjoy. As unchurchy as we are, it does seem "right" to go on Christmas Eve, and if we've got to go to a church, a UU is about as comfortable as it could possibly be for us.

They are totally gay-friendly (our commitment ceremony was held at a UU, back home in Texas) and they don't expect you to believe any one thing.

Or anything, for that matter.

The first year that we went, one of the readings included the line, "Our faith-myth teaches us that. . . ."

You had me at "myth."

Anyway, it was a yummy dinner, as it always is when our sister-if-there-was-a-law is cooking, and a beautiful service, focusing on the theme that "every night that a child is born is a holy night," which is certainly a sentiment that I can get behind.

Oh, and our kid was adorable. As always.

Shrike's sister and her partner have a lot of nice Christmas decorations. This is my favorite.

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