Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bits and Pieces of Our Day

Seeing Mommy off to work.

While watching Bert and Ernie on the Sesame Street website
Peeper: Elmo! Elmo! Elmo!
Mama: No Elmo right now; it's time to tell Bert and Ernie "bye-bye" so we can go run errands.
Peeper: ELMO!
Mama: We have to run our errands so we can come home and bake cookies.
Peeper: Buh-BYE!

On the way home from our errands, we were singing "fill-in-the-blank" Christmas songs. You know, I'll sing and stop before the last word of the line, and Peeper fills it in. She does amazingly well with this, on both songs and books, even ones we've not read in a while.

Mama: Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to saaaay. . . ?
Peeper: Hi!

Before her bath, Peeper put her Little People sheep in her potty.

Mama: Is the sheep pee-peeing?
Peeper: Poop!
Then she read him a book while he pooped.

Well, at least somebody's using that thing.

After her bath, we swept up the cookie sprinkles. Well, I swept while Peeper held the dustpan and brush, got yucky stuff on her wet, naked body, and either counted the yucky things in the pile, or called cadence.

Fweep! Fweep! Fweep! Nun Too Fwee! Ate Nyun Teen! Ate! Teen! Ate! Teen! Ate! Teen! Fweep! Fweep! Fweep!

After the sweeping, she was still running around nakey, and I walked into the living room to find this. She's taken all they toys off the bottom shelf where they live, and climbed up onto it. Did I mention naked?

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