Saturday, December 11, 2010

Baking Cookies

So, I had "officially" scheduled us to bake cookies on Tuesday, in preparation for the cookie exchange at the MOMS Club Christmas party on Wednesday but

a. We're having our Christmas party tomorrow and I want to serve cookies and

b. I want to make Mrs. Claus' Nipples, pretzel treats for MOMS Club, and I really don't see Peeper being a lot of help with that. Maybe next year. Not next week.

So, I let her decorate some break-and-burn cookies this evening, and that will probably be our big cookie adventure for the year.

It went pretty much the same as the Halloween cookie adventure, but with a bit less grabbing and eating of raw dough.

Don't worry, party guests, I washed her hands before she started and (amazingly) she didn't lick anything.

She did, however, make one hell of a mess.

I let her sprinkle a dozen before they were cooked, and the other dozen, we baked then iced and sprinkled.

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