Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Candlelight Nutcracker

The press release described this evening's event as:
"...a suite of dances from the Nutcracker ballet .... Light refreshments will be offered and young guests may have their photograph taken with the ballet company's Sugar Plum Fairy...."

And here's how we explained it to Peeper:

I'd heard it described as being geared for ages 2 - 7, which seemed about right. That also meant that Peeper was probably one of the youngest kids there, but I couldn't be prouder of her.

She stayed (mostly) in our laps, was (mostly) attentive, (mostly) quiet, was just a perfect little lady, and really seemed to enjoy herself.

She especially seemed to like the Arabian Dance with scarves, the lambs, and the meltaway mints. (No, that's not a Nutcracker scene that you've forgotten, there were little bags of them on the table.)

She did Baaaaa at the little lambs and at the end was saying "Wow! Wow! Wow!" but I really can't blame her for that.

They had an actual photographer taking the Sugar Plum Fairy photos and will send them to us later (I'm in them too, as Peeper was done by that point and didn't want to sit on the pretty lady's lap. Silly girl.) but here are a few that we took ourselves.

Waiting for the performance to start.

Don't worry, Anonymama, she didn't actually eat any whole grapes.

After the performance. She loooooved this guy. I think she thought he was Santa Claus.

This little lamb was sweet enough to let Peeper pet her. They were, by far, the cutest part of the performance. (They didn't do Mother Ginger, that's usually the cutest.)

And then we went out for dinner. And ice cream.

Ah well, there's only so long we can expect her to act like a little lady.


  1. Originally posted by Anonymama on Little Shittle by accident:

    That is a beautiful outfit she is wearing and it reminds me of a very similar one that you had at about the same age. Yours was straight down, not with the skirt as I remember. Sounds like a really fun evening.

  2. Originally posted by Anonymama on Little Shittle:

    I meant to post this under the Swan Lake event. Or was it Nutcracker. Don't remember. That outfit was cute. This one not so much so.

  3. Originally posted by Whozat on Little Shittle:

    lol - Nutcracker and yeah, that outfit's MUCH cuter than this.

    The dress, along with what is probably the 4th or 5th longsleeve black onesie that she has for this winter, was a either a hand-me-down from one of our MOMS Club friends, or in a $5 box of used clothes that we bought from a different one.

    As we were getting her dressed tonight, Shrike suggested putting a red onesie under it instead.

    "Does she have a red onesie?"

    Um, yeah, about three of those, too.

    With the red tights (that I FINALLY found this morning!) it really made it much more Christmassy.

    She will probably wear this to see Santa and for Christmas Eve.

    I'm copying these 3 comments over to the Nutcracker post, so they make more sense, in the long run.


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