Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hangin' With Humhummuh*

*Humhummuh = Santa Claus.

He used to say "huhm huhm," and even though he (usually) says "ho ho ho" now, his name is still pronounced "Humhummuh." It's not a mumble or an attempt at "ho ho ho," it's very distinctly "Humhummuh."

I know she'll clean it up at some point, but I think I'll be kind of sad to see this one go.


  1. I was sad the day B said cucumber instead of QTOE, but now he says anugger (another) and fridge-o-later so don't worry she will come up with some new ones too.

  2. Oh, I kind of love fridge-o-later! Too cute :-)


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