Saturday, September 4, 2010

Daily Peep: Fallish

Shrike is actually (yay!) off work for all three days of the three day weekend, and the weather today is suddenly quite autumnal, so we tried to hit some fun local activities this afternoon.

Both were decidedly meh, but I suppose Peeper seemed to enjoy herself well enough.

The first was a local festival that turned out to be mostly vendors, primarily of the Longaberger basket and "primative" craft item variety. Cute enough to look at, the first few times, but they got old pretty quickly.

They had a barrel train, but it shut down about an hour before the advertised close of the event - just as we went over to ride it!

The big hit of the event, for Peeper, was Sparky, The Fire Dog.

Except that, as with Seymour, she was heartbroken when he moved on to the other kids. She really does seem to have a thing for people in big furry costumes.

Other than Sparky, I think she had as much fun on the swings as she did at any of the rest of the event.

When that was a bust, we tried a corn maze that was right up the road. It was also rather meh.

I think I would've enjoyed the maze itself a lot more if we hadn't had some stupid idea that Peeper would want to walk the whole way, and hadn't left the (not-an-)Ergo in the car. Dumbasses.

Peeper doesn't miss a thing, and she spotted the pick-your-own pumpkin patch as soon as we got out of the car. There was no question that we would be going home with a pumpkin.

Shrike kept trying to steer her to the smallest ones, but I thought she should get whichever one she wanted. I thought Shrike was just being cheap, but it turns out she was being smart, and I really should have listened to her.

There's a new rule at our house: You must choose a pumpkin that you can comfortably lift and carry.

She keeps wanting to carry it around the house, loving on it, and I am afraid she's going to drop it on her toes.

So, only supervised pumpkin-loving is allowed.


  1. Or pumpkins so big you can't lift them at all; then all the loving would have to be stationary.
    (Don't you people ever get tired? Adventure, adventure, adventure!)

  2. They make Longaberger baskets in my hometown.


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