Sunday, June 27, 2010

Poo or Poo Not, There is No Cry

Anonymama and Anonydaddy when to visit BabyBro and his family the other day and while they were there, the twins modeled some costumes that their other aunt (TheirLoveyMother's sister) gave them for Christmas. I guess they were intended to be Halloween costumes, but they fit now and will be too small by then, so they put them on and took some photos just for fun.

When she sent the photos, TheirLovely Mother said, "DaNephew was a happier Yoda than DaNiece was a Leia. He really committed to the role."

DaNiece with Anonygrandma

DaNephew with HisLovely Mommy

Both babies with TheirLovelyMommy

And one in their street clothes, with Anonygrandma.

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