Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grill Girl

We finally worked up the gumption to grill again, and Peeper did a great job of staying far, far away from the hhh-hhh stuff.

Other than a sudden, but brief, downpour, just as we put the steaks on, it was a lovely evening.

Luckily, we were under the patio overhang for the most part - well, I was under the patio overhang; Peeper and Shrike were playing in the rain.

First, Peeper helped Shrike to clean off the grill.

Then we put on the steaks and onions.

When the rain stopped, Peeper splashed in the puddles.

While the doggies did their thing.

Peeper provided the musical entertainment.

While the steaks were cooking. Peeper, the dogs and I shared a cheese course. We probably should have gone with slices, rather than shreds.

Finally, the meat was cooked, and we dug in!

(Can you tell which of us was accidentally caught taking a big bite, which was posing like a big dork, and which is just freaking adorable?)

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  1. Looks like everyone, including the dogs, had a good time barbequeing and eating. Are the stinkbugs gone, or do they hang around for the summer?


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