Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yep, She's Sick, Too

It looks like Peeper's picked up at least a version of the bug that I've had. I'm feeling much better today. I did get a little fevery feeling in the early evening, but Tylenol fixed me up, and dinner went just fine.

Peep, on the other hand, was pretty whiney this morning, took an early nap, during which she didn't let me get up (it doesn't help that this bed has a squeak that happens juuuuust as you think you're home free), and then woke up with fever.

I was in denial for an hour or so, "She's just warm where she was lying against me. Yeah, that's it." but it became way to obvious pretty soon.

A half-hearted attempt at taking her temperature under her arm (Why, oh why, must she fight that so much? Really. How uncomfortable can it possibly be?) indictated that it might be something upwards of 100' but I'm not certain about it at all.

The momometer says she was pretty darn hot, but not scarily so.

Tylenol helped her quite a bit too, and obviously felt a lot better until it wore off.

She spent most of the afternoon in my lap, whining, napping and nursing (almost nonstop) but played and was pretty happy after the second dose Tylenol, and was happy to eat chicken and dumplings for dinner.

She's been asleep for a couple of hours now, and I've got my fingers crossed that she'll stay that way.

So far, her only obvious symptoms have been the fever and the accompanying crappy-feeling. I'm hoping that's all it will be, and I'm hoping it passes quickly.

I already had to cancel dinner plans this evening (with THREE people!) and change tomorrow's lunch plans to tentative. I'll just play that by ear and see how she feels in the morning.

The other thing we're sweating is that BabyBro, HisLovelyWife and the twinsies are supposed to be coming into town Friday evening through Saturday, but we don't want to get them sick.

Of course, I already exposed them on Monday, so I guess that might be moot.

DaNephew had himself a bit of a cold when we were there, but I hear tell he's doing better and DaNiece is "so far so good."

So, hopefully, everyone will be feeling up to that visit, and up to our "bluebonneting" trip on Sunday.

(More on that, and photos galore, I'm sure, later.)

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  1. Hope she's feeling better soon. I have no clue why my son fights the thermometer either. Really, how bad could it be under the arm? When I call my ped's office and they ask his temp I'm always like, "Whose kid lets them take a temp?!"


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