Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Daily Peep: In Grandma's Backyard

The Anonyparents have some neighbors with a dog, and Peeper's been hearing it bark from our bedroom, and signing to me about it.

This morning, she started pointing out the window, indicating that she wanted to go outside, and signing "dog."

I think she wanted to go see Grandma's doggies.

Grandma doesn't have any doggies (but she is really enjoying Grandma's kitties!) but we did go out in the yard for a while, when she was well Tylenated and feeling relatively chipper.  

I showed her were all the cool stuff used to be: the swing set, the jungle gym, the tree that is now just a stump, the bare patch of dirt under the tree where BabyBro and I would dig and make horribly muddy messes, the rose bushes and the neighbor's fig tree that draped over into our yard).

She really didn't care about any of that, but found these plastic flower pots absolutely fascinating.

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