Sunday, February 7, 2010

For the Saints: A New Orleans Memory

In honor of the Saints' Super Bowl victory, here's one of my favorite photos from our honeymoon in New Orleans, in February 2001.

It was the second night we were there, and we were exhausted, and my feet were killing me, and we found this bar with very few people in it, and an old man playing the keyboard and singing.

He spotted us, acting like we were in a bar in New Orleans on our honeymoon, and sang love songs to us all evening.

He was very sweet, and completely nonchalant about the two girls making out cuddling to his music.

At the end of the evening, we tipped him (Generously, I hope. Oh, I'm quite sure it was generous; after all, we were a little bit drunk!) and took this photo.

We framed it, in the cheesey "Bourbon Street" frame that we bought from one of the many tourist traps souvenier shops that we visited on that trip, and it's sitting in our living room.

Every time I've seen it, post-Katrina, I've wondered if he got out okay.

I hope he's celebrating tonight.

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  1. Oprah would be able to find that guy. She's good like that.

    Love the hair!!!!! ;-) It's how I really remember you two!!!


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