Tuesday, January 19, 2010

PukeFest 2010 - An Update

Well, she slept til about 3:45, when the phone rang. When she got up, her diaper was wet (good) but not poopy (also good).

She drank some water and played a little while, and I moved some laundry, and she puked around 4, and then more / bigger about 10 minutes later.

Then, we lay down and she nursed a while and we both slept til 7:30!

She would've slept longer, I think, but I woke her up when I was trying to get up.

First, I moved her while checking on her, then tried to roll her off of her back before I left, and nevermind, she was up.

She threw up a bit not long after that, and I changed a poopy dipe and she played for a while and puked again.

Just as I had the last of the pukey stuff in the wash. Now there's another towel waiting to go in, and a stack of clean ones waiting to be puked on again.

Now I'm washing diapers, because we're going through them pretty quicky. I'm not sure this is actually diarrhea, though. I'd like to think it's just baby poop, because all she's getting is breastmilk.

Anyway, so that's where we are.

It's amazing how quickly you go from "OhMyGod, get that in the wash!" to "Eh, she only got a little on herself - and me - that time. We're good."

Especially at 2 am.

She's willing to nurse, though, keeping most of it down, and still peeing plenty, so I think we're okay.

Just have to ride it out.

20 hours down, 28 to go.


  1. How did the night go? Hope you and Shrike do not come down with it. That is the worst. Taking care of a sick baby while sick yourself. How did she catch it, anyway? Hope things are better today. Hang this too shall pass.
    BTW, did you turn on the news? Mass. has stabbed us all in the back. They have health care (Romney!) and I guess they don't want to pay for others to have what they have already. Plus so many lies have been told by Republicans and right-wingnuts on the radio. It is amazing how many people actually believe in the "death panels", etc. I still have hope that they will find a way. Maybe Olympia Snowe (sp?) will be a statesperson rather that a political survivalist. Or the other woman senator from Maine; I forget her name at this early hour.
    Anyhow, take care and best wishes and kisses to Peeper. We love her.

  2. Oh, man, I've been there with the constant vomiting! And been covered with it quite a few times myself. Poor little thing. But it will pass, it WILL, and she'll be just fine. Hang in there!!!


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