Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Stockings Were Hung...

Last Christmas, Peeper was saved from her no-shit-together-having mothers by her "Aunt" Frappa, who made her a beautiful stocking.

This year, I commissioned coordinating stocking for us, as well.

To be honest, I sort of expected that she'd give them to us during our visit next week, but they arrived in the mail today, in time for Santa to fill!

Peeper likes them, too!

And they look great with hers!

Luckily, since we still don't really have our shit together, Santa (or possibly his buddy, Hanukkah Harry) has already hooked us up!


  1. Hanukkah Harriot does what she can. :) Oh, and the gelt says "No limit Texas dredel" so it's a momento of home.

    I'm glad we went with the white; the stitching is just ever so slightly different. I'm sure it's so you can tell who got added in when and who you love the most. X-P

    And for the record to any readers, I can't get them to you by this Christmas but Hanukkah Harriot (me) is taking orders for personalized, hand crafted stockings. They come in up to three colors right now and there are a variety of designs and fonts. Each personalized stocking is $15.

  2. Oh, and I would just like to share this with everyone: you see, Whozat (a real aunt - my mother's sister) made stockings for me and Kiddo1 when we really were kiddos and it was so cool for me to be able to be the one who made a stocking for Pepper. :)

  3. Seriously, if you want a stocking from Frappa, contact me and I'll put you in touch with her. She does great work.


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