Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Daily Peep: The Best Medicine


  1. Poor baby. She looks like she feels awful. Do her ears hurt her? Fever? Bad throat? Take good care of her. She HAS to recover to fly to Texas in in 8 days. Usually those thing clear on up with antibiotics. Anonydaddy says they don't usually give antibiotics for that now, what with them becoming resistant so much. Take good care of my baby. Tell her Grandma and Grandpa love her. Oops. Anonygrandma. Or is it grandanonyma? I keep forgetting that tomorrow is the real Christmas eve since we have arbitrarily moved it for us. Have a wonderful Christmas Eve tomorrow and then Christmas. Then come down here and do it all over. Hope Peeper feels OK to go to Shrike's parent's for the celebrations. And hope Santa comes big time.

  2. She's had fever (probably as high as 100.5? We took it sort of once, mostly just going with the mom-ometer) but didn't have any at the doc's office this morning.

    She's patting her ears, which is why we took her in.

    Her nose isn't very runny this time around, and you know, I don't think the doc looked at her throat. I was expecting her to, and all ready to ask her "Where's your mouth?" so she'd stick out her tongue and say "Ah!" - it's very cute.

    And she obviously feels like crap.

    Just wants to snuggle and nurse and sleep and whimper all day.

    I was actually surprised to get antibiotics, given that the same docs have told every other kid in town that their runny nose and fever was viral.

    I really sort of wish I'd questioned her about it, to see if she really thought this was bacterial or if she just thought we wanted antibiotics.

    (I'm kind of considering calling and asking tomorrow, to be honest. I'm not real comfortable with giving them for no reason.)

    We're also giving her Tylenol and some analgesic eardrops which might or might not be helping.

    I'm sure she'll be fine in time for our trip, 8 days is a long time for healing.

    Tomorrow is just dinner and Shrike's sister's house then church, which we'll skip if Peeper's not feeling well.

    Christmas day is just us at home (then Shrike goes to work) and we're doing dinner and gifts with Shrike's family on Sunday, so she's got some time to get better before having a big thing.

    Sounds like she's ready for bed, I'd better go!

  3. I know they are avoiding antibiotics if it's something you can get well from without, but "in my day" ear infections ALWAYS earned antibiotics, no matter whether it was originally caused by a cold or what; once it goes to the ears - pink medicine. And they usually recovered pretty quickly once they took them.

    Speaking as a momma whose "been there" and as a kid who vividly remembers the pain of ear infections over 40 years later and as someone who had an ear drum rupture once, I'd give her the meds.

  4. My understanding is that the theory these days is that that viral cold the kid had a week ago, that's now gone to her ears? Still viral.

    I think the "rule" is "watchful waiting" for ears and if they're not better on their own in a few days (as a virus would be) then start antibiotics because it's bacterial.

    I wish I were certain that the antibiotics were "can't hurt, might help," but with the concerns about resistance I kind of hate to give them to her if she doesn't need them.

    But, I suppose, we've already started, and if there's a chance of getting her better a few days sooner, I'd really like that to happen, so we'll continue with them.

    And, speaking of, she's due for a dose right now!

  5. I think once you've started it's important to finish to help avoid breeding those resistant suckers. She hasn't had a lot of antibiotics in her life though, has she? When she was born and surgery, any time else?

    With #1, the concern was always "get the antibiotics in him NOW" because he ran such high fevers. Frappa was never one for much fever, but he would top 105 if he got the sniffles.

  6. About the same. We've added Motrin to the mix, and plan to stagger it with the Tylenol, on the advice of Shrike's sister, who is a pharmacist (and a mommy).

    More on today's post, coming soon. :-)


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