Saturday, December 5, 2009

Passing It On

LadyKay has reconnected with her former La Leche League leader via Facebook, and today she sent her this message:

I mentioned to you that my sister had her first baby last year. She recently put a post on her blog (she's a big blogger) thanking those that helped her through nursing challenges. (She had a 36 week preemie and nursing got off to a rough start.)

Anyway, she counted me amongst those and posted this note to me. It occurs to me that it belongs to you as much as it does to me, because if you had not been there to get me through 25 (!!!) years ago, I would not have been able to be there for her. So, from Kiddo1, Frappa and me; and Whozat and Peeper, thank you.


(Here she copy/pasted her portion of my post Giving Thanks for Breastfeeding Support.)

And that is what "mother-to-mother support" is all about.

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  1. Just imagine what future generations you are influencing now.


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