Saturday, December 5, 2009

News from The Two

Last winter, Peeper somehow ended up with both the pink and blue versions of a teddy bear snow suit from Carters.

They were both still in great shape, so I handed them down to her cousins. I knew they weren't likely to get much use out of them in Houston, but they were just so cute - and I had a pink and a blue! - that I couldn't resist.

Lo and behold, I got an email today from TheirLovelyMother:

TO: Whozat
FROM: YourLovelySIL
SUBJECT: You Made It Snow!!!

You made it snow by giving them snowsuits!!! They are the perfect size right now, even!

She went on to give me a report on their two-month well-baby checkup, which was today:

They went to the pediatrician this morning and had a great appointment!! They are 12 lbs 2 ounces [him] and 11 lbs 7 ounces [her] and 23 and 22 inches, which put them in the 75% for weight and 50% for height. Their heads are a little smaller - 10% for DaNephew and 25% for DaNiece, but the doctor said they were growing normally. Their responsiveness and strength looked good and the doc seemed pleased with them overall, so we are THRILLED as you can imagine!!!
As are we, of course.

Later, Anonymama sent some more photos:





  1. So THAT explains Houston having their earliest snowfall on record. (Such as snowfalls are down here.) NOW is when the snowsuits fit.

  2. Is it just me, or in all the dressy photos, does she look angelic and he look mischievous? Even when his eyes are closed. Wuh oh, that is Baby Bro's boy!

  3. In the one of him alone, he really looks like his father, don't you think? And they do look angelic and impish, respectively.

  4. Sugar and spice and snips and snails.

  5. They both look absolutely adorable. All five of the XXXXX grandchildren are good-looking folks.

  6. I apologize, I meant XXXXXX grandchildren. I thought both our last names had the same amount of letters :-)

  7. LOL, and I was sitting here counting the Xs, thinking, well maybe she wasn't shooting to be exact, then I read down...


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