Thursday, December 17, 2009

Daily Peep: President Peeper

Okay, maybe not quite yet, but she did seem to enjoy checking out her future home.

The Obamas were not there, but we did see their Christmas decorations. The tour went through all the "color rooms," past various presidential portraits, and so on.

These photos of me and Peeper are courtesy of a few kind strangers that were willing to take my camera for a moment.

Here, we've made it through security, and we're about to go inside.

Me, Peeper and Honest Abe

In front of "the" tree

And, we're all done!

I also took several pictures of the decorations and general White House stuff, which I'll post tomorrow.


  1. Wow! The real White House. Peeper looks too cute for words. The Obamas left for Copenhagen about the time you arrived at their house. But you saw it and confirmed it with pictures. How was the conference? How did Peeper do all day? All went well, I bet. Can't wait to hear all the details.

  2. I will write about it in more detail tomorrow, when I'm rested up, but for now I will say that the White House and its decorations were quite impressive, as were the other twenty-nine people in the discussion with the Senator's staff.

    (The Senator put in a brief appearance, but had to get back to trying to save health care reform.)

    Peeper did great, and got compliments from several strangers during the tour.

    But if we are ever again considering driving ourselves around in a big city, please stop us, by any means necessary.

  3. You both look gorgeous!!! That Peeper is such a good little girl!


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