Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Am Thankful. . .

. . . for oh, so many things that I could never list them all, but I will try to cover as many as I can before Peeper wakes up and we have to get ready to go to dinner.

First and foremost, of course, for Peeper, and for the fact that she is a happy, healthy, nursing thirteen-month-(tomorrow)-old. None of that was at all certain this time last year, and I will never take it for granted.

For Peeper's doctors, especially her cardiologist and surgeon, and everyone who helped to take care of her during her surgery.

For those who have helped to keep me sane through it all - Shrike, Dr. T, DoulaK and numerous other family and friends.

For Shrike. I couldn't ask for a better wife, nor could Peeper ask for a better Mommy. Thank you for being ours.

For the Anonyparents, for all of their support, emotional and otherwise.

For my brand new niece and nephew, and that they and TheirLovelyMother are healthy.

For family and friends who listen when I need to talk, tell me what I need to hear, and are there for me when I need them, in whatever ways that I need.

That Peeper and I were able to spend "Thanksgiving" with my family a couple of weeks ago, and we'll spend Thanksgiving with Shrike's family today.

For our newfound "early" to bed, "early" to rise routine, that's allowed us/me to get out and socialize more.

That Peeper and Shrike seem to be enjoying spending a couple of hours on their own every now and then, and that Peeper's enjoying having the bed to herself for a while during naps and in the evenings.

That Peeper seems to have gotten over her dairy sensitivity. The holidays will be so much more enjoyable, not being dairy-free!

For baby signing. It's just amazing that Peeper can communicate so effectively at her age.

For breastfeeding, cosleeping, babywearing, and all-around attachment parenting. They've made our lives so much easier, and so much better.

That Shrike and I are mostly on the same page about these things; that she has been so supportive of breastfeeding - especially in the early, difficult weeks - and that she loves wearing Peeper and cosleeping with her.

That I've learned (mostly) to follow my gut and do what feels right for our family, and to ignore criticism and pressure from outsiders.

That we've found other like-minded Mamas to support, affirm and validate our parenting choices.

For the Internet. Of course, because without it, I never would have met Shrike, but also because so many of my friends live there.

Thank you for being one of them!

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