Thursday, November 26, 2009

Daily Peep: Inappropriate

I am a big fan of harnesses ("leashes") in crowded public places for kids who are big enough to want to walk on their own, but young enough that they can't be trusted to not run off.

(They provide more comfort, security and freedom than holding hands. I took LadyKay's kids to an amusement park both with and without them, and we all enjoyed "with" a lot more.)

That said, I really don't think you're supposed to use the actual harness that the dog used when he was a puppy.

I assume this happened because Peeper was playing with the box of leashes, harnesses, etc, and then Shrike got silly.

When they walked into the room, it took me a moment to figure out what was going on.

Peeper actually didn't seem to mind it a bit, which is good to know, because we actually already own a panda backpack / harness that we'll probably use when she's older.

We'll wear her as long as she (and our backs) will let us, but when she's at that running along beside stage, we'll probably go that route.


  1. First of all, LadyKay: YEAH!!

    Second of all, as the child who was on that "leash" I much preferred being on the harness and not having to hold your hand. I remember fighting with you to not hold your hand but you couldn't let go 'cause I'd get lost.

    I never felt any less than human, I felt FREEEEEE-ish.

  2. L and I were talking about this today while shopping without B. We like them too and have a turtle shell back pack with a leash for him when is begins to take off!

  3. Haa haa... that's awesome.

    Yes, my boys have those little monkey backpack-harness things. I know *some* people think they're awful, but those people can stuff it. I think it's a great safety measure. Their little arms are too short to hold their hand for extended periods of time (imagine walking around with your arm held straight up above your head for extended periods of time.) My kids never want to be in their stroller once they learn to walk, so this was a perfect compromise. Go "leashes"!


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