Thursday, October 29, 2009

Twelve Month Check-Up

Peeper had her twelve month well-baby check up today.

She's 18 lb 11 oz (10 - 25th percentile) and 27 1/4 inches tall (5 - 10th percentile).

When the doctor told us the percentiles, he said, "So she's well-proportioned, she's just petite."

That works for me!

(I will add her head circumference after she wakes up. I will have to look at her report card, which is in the diaper bag, and convert from centimeters to inches. I think it was 25th - 50th percentile, though.)

Her weight is up just an ounce shy of two pounds since three months ago. The doctor said that's pretty much what they expect at this age.

He is happy with her development, and said it sounds like she's tolerating our dairy tests well, and gave me the okay to even ramp that up a bit.

(So I picked up a macaroni and cheese for lunch!)

Her iron level is good, and we can stop the drops and they'll retest it at fifteen months.

In addition to the toe-stick for the iron (which didn't bother her a bit), she got five (!) shots (which did bother her quite a bit), including seasonal flu (they don't have any H1N1 yet).

She goes back in a month for the second flu shot and then back at fifteen months for another well baby and, I assume, more shots.

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