Saturday, October 31, 2009

Daily Peep: Trick or Treat #2 - Down Town

The three of us went trick-or-treating downtown this afternoon, and this time we were all dressed up.

We only hit about four places for candy, then went and signed up for the costume contest.

As it turns out, we know two of the three judges - the mayor (a Democrat, if you can believe that on our town!) and a woman that Shrike used to work with. The third was someone whose name I recognized, but I don't know her.

Peeper was getting ready for her nap, though, so we got ourselves at the front of the line, carried her past the judges and headed right to the car.

We're pretty sure we weren't going to win, anyway - there were some really good costumes.

Here we are, waiting for the contest to get started:

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