Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat #3 - The Family

This evening, we went over to Shrike's parents' house and met up with her sister and her kids to go trick-or-treating in their neighborhood.

First, Mama Panda got the baby tanked up before we headed out.

Somebody was not into sitting on the porch taking pictures.

But she was into being worn by Mama, and going up to houses for candy!

Somewhere between the last house that we trick-or-treated and getting back to Eena and Papa's house, she conked out, in the wrap.

I was somehow able to get her unwrapped and out of her costume (it was way too hot to be in it inside) without waking her up!

While she slept, I scouted out our haul.

You know, to see what she might like.

Baby's first chocolate: A mini Three Muskateers bar.

First she took a little nibble off the corner.

The another little nibble.

Then she popped the whole thing in her mouth!

What do you mean, I only get one piece?!?


  1. Or you could have handed her a white chocolate bunny...

  2. When I was nearly due to deliver my second child, and I was in the hospital on bedrest, my husband brought in daughter #1 for a visit, and a nurse gave her a chocolate pudding. I'd never given her chocolate (she was thirteen months, yes, my kids were very close in age!)I will never forget the smile that spread across her face as the spoon went into her mouth. It was a look of pure happiness.

  3. I found you through NaBloPoMo. Your baby is adorable! I also love the wrap. Festive holiday babywearing FTW!

  4. That's similar to the story that LadyKay and I are referring to above.

    The Easter Bunny brought Frappa a white chocolate bunny for her first Easter, primarily for the benefit of her big brother, I think.

    LadyKay wasn't really expecting her to eat it.

    But, she picked it up, and did what any other baby would do - put the ears right in her mouth and sucked on them.

    The look on her face was priceless.

    (Also - BabyBro is a bit less than 13 months younger than me. And he was more than a week late, I believe. So, when I was Peeper's age, Anonymama was pregnanter with him that I ever got to be with Peeper. I cannot imagine.)


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