Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Steppin' Out

Remember a month or so ago, when Peeper took her "official first steps," after we'd stood her up between us and let go, and she threw her feet in front of herself a couple of times as she fell into our arms?

Well, she's really not done it again since then.

But, a couple of times lately, we've let go of her and she's stayed upright for a few seconds, and a few times, when she's holding onto something with one hand, and has a toy in the other hand, we've seen her accidentally let go to handle the toy with both hands, and balance for a few seconds before grabbing hold again.

Then, tonight at Kindermusik, when we were dancing and such, two or three times, she let go with both hands, and then took a couple of steps to one of us!


  1. That should count for sure. Go Peeper!

  2. I think this was more real than last time.

    She really enjoys the class, and I think she wants to dance like the big kids.


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