Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Daily Peep: My Ghoul


  1. She sure has lots of cute new clothes. What size is she now?

  2. She's just moved into 9 months clothes. The footy-jammies are still a little long in the legs, but the 6-9s had gotten too short in the body.

    (I think the cloth diapers are as much to blame for that as her build.)

    Stuff without feet seems to be about right.

    We've got several onesies with pants, and a couple of shirt/pants, but have had trouble finding one-piece, no-feet, crotch-snap outfits, which is what we prefer - both for fit (over cloth dipes) and for diaper-changing-simplicity.

  3. And she somehow has like 10 pairs of footy-jammies!

    I think that at various points along the way, when she's had plenty of her current size, but we saw something cute, we said, "Well, let's get it really big, to wear a long time from now. How about 9 months?"

  4. And she has several Halloween outfits, so she has to start wearing them now - At least two or three different jammies, and at least three or four different daytime outfits!


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