Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thanks for Your Concern

A few minutes ago, Shrike and Peeper (and the dogs) were playing in the office, while I fixed myself some lunch.

I was headed toward the office to wait on the microwave, when the highchair jumped out and threw itself right in front of my pinkie toe. As I clipped it, it slammed against the wall making a big noise.

I then followed with several more big noises, as I slammed my hand against the wall and cursed. Loudly. And repeatedly. Because that makes it feel better.

I could hear Shrike saying, soothingly, "Shhh, it's okay. . ." much too quietly to be addressing me, so then I felt kind of like a jerk for scaring the baby.

After I'd pulled myself together, I said, pointedly "I'm fine. Thanks for asking."

Shrike said, "I could tell what happened, so it seemed superfluous to ask."

"Well," I said indignently, "You could've asked if I was okay."

"Why?" she said, "It was obvious you weren't."

PS: Oh, and I hadn't frightened Peeper at all with my banging around. Just PerfectPup. For a dog, she's kind of a pussy.


  1. Oh no! Are you okay?
    (Is that better?)

  2. Did you break the toe or any thing else?

  3. Just a bo-bo, not an injury.

    But, yes, that does make it better.

  4. Is Perfect Pup okay? Poor thing, you scaring her like that. ;D

  5. But ever since then, you can bet I have not made the same mistake. Though you do seem to give me a lot more opportunities...

    And yes, Perfect Pup has somehow survived. Actually Perfect Pup, Peeper and I were hiding in a closet.

  6. True. She has been quite solicitous since then.

    And, yes, I do give her plenty of opportunity to ask if I'm okay.

    I am rather the oaf.


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