Sunday, August 16, 2009

Grocery Girl

We did a little grocery shopping tonight.

Peeper actually only rode in the cart for a few minutes. The plan was for Shrike to wear her, but she had to go to the potty when we got there, so we put Peeper in the cart until she was finished and got the wrap on.

She seemed to like it at first, but then was trying to pull my shirt off and/or climb up my chest while I pushed the cart, so we figured we should go ahead with the wearing plan, rather than dealing with that all the way through the store.

(The other thing I don't like so much about the idea of putting her in the cart is that then we have to stay right with the cart, rather than being able to leave it in one spot while we, say, gather fruits and veggies from all over the produce department. Well, that and the cart is for big kids and she's just a bay-bee!)

She wasn't too keen on being worn, though and at first I thought she needed to nurse (that shirt-pulling-off thing) but it turned out that what she really wanted was to walk.

Shrike offered to walk with her, but I put the kibosh on that plan because I really do not want her to think, at nine and a half months old, when she doesn't have enough balance to stand independently for more than three seconds, that she gets to walk through the grocery store.

It's fine and dandy if we're all together and Mommy wants to break her back following her around, but I would be screwed the next time I took her to the grocery or Target or, well, anywhere alone.

So, we ended up with me wearing her, and she seemed pretty okay with that, as long as we kept moving.

We didn't pick up any chicks tonight, but we did run into our neighbors from across-the-street-and-next-door, who couldn't get over how big Peeper's getting, because they haven't seen her since the day we brought her home from the hospital.

(Yeah, it's a real tight-knit neighborhood.)


  1. Such a cutie! When mine were grocery cart age and nursing I found that it worked well if I walked beside the cart or even in front pulling it. If I was in "standard cart pushing position" they were staring straight at the goodies, which made them think, "Hey, I need some of that!" whether they actually did or not. As long as they didn't have to stare at it (uh, them) they were fine.

    (It also helps you avoid getting kicked or having cans dropped on your feet too.)

  2. Good advice! For now, I prefer to wear her while we're shopping, but at some point (which I'm sure will be well before she's weaned - and learns not to drop canned goods) she will graduate to riding in the cart fulltime, and I'll keep that in mind!

  3. Yeah, I get what you are saying about the freedom of being able to walk around the produce section while wearing her, etc. I never thought about that, I didn't wear #1 and when I wore #2 I already had #1 in the cart.

    I tell you, that's when when it is VERY handy to wear a little one. If not, you end up with one sitting in the seat of the cart and a carrier in the main part of the cart, and the groceries go... where?


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