Sunday, August 16, 2009

Daily Peep: Skinny Dipping

As cute at this was, I think we'll probably put her in her swimmy diaper next time, for a couple of reasons.

  1. I'm not 100% comfortable with what might be on the bottom of this pool that BigGaloot romps in, and it squicks me out a bit to think of her most sensitive parts sitting on whatever that might be. (She was already seated when I thought of that, so it was too late. Shrike humored me by cleaning her off before rediapering her.)
  2. Although we feel quite strongly that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a baby playing naked in her own backyard, or her parents taking video of it, or even posting that video on the internet, we are a tiny bit afraid that someone might have a problem with it, and we've read enough horror stories about such things that we figured we'd better only post the still photos in which she's hiding her girlie-parts, which means that you're missing out on some really cute video of her splashing and playing with toys, because she's being rather less than modest and some nutjob out there might report us for it.

    And it really pisses me off that there would even be a possibility that such a thing could happen.


  1. Well, hell, if they're gonna get ya it might as well be because her boobies are always showing.. in every photo on this blog just about.. and she's only ever in a diaper.... with food on her chest.. and a dog licking her placemat... and electrical wires in her storage bin.. errr.. i mean crib.

    Some people should maybe get a life or something. :) You two are wonderful mothers who would obviously never ever put Peeper in harms way!

  2. Put a diaper on the kid, I want to see really cute video of her splashing and playing with toys. :D

  3. True that. If anyone is appalled by baby boobies (or babies on boobies, for that matter) they will have a field day with this blog!

  4. Tell'em to stick to their own blogs. ;)

  5. I love reading your blog and seeing photos of your precious girl- thanks for sharing her! I also hate that we have to edit what we post because there are some sickos out there that can't see the innocense and sweetness of a naked baby playing.
    Love reading your breastfeeding stories-- I had a tough time as well, but not nearly as tough as you, and I am impressed you stuck with it. It's obviously doing that chubby belly good!!

  6. I always remember a Dear Abby when a writer wrote to complain about a neighbor who complained about her baby skinny dipping in the yard. The woman said that no normal person was titillated by a naked baby. Dear Abby agreed that not normal person would be bothered, but added "but then, we have nothing to fear from a NORMAL person, do we?"
    Skinny dipping babies are perfectly fine. Period. Except where perverts hang out which is not your yard.


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