Friday, July 31, 2009


Thanks, everyone.

Of course, as I said in that last comment, there's a good bit of hyperbole in yesterday's post and, of course, I am sort of making fun of myself because I know that I'm being irrational (so that's good, right) - but I obviously do feel more than a little guilty about it, or I wouldn't have come up with all that stuff to write.

Intellectually I know we're doing a good job, but it's so hard to not question or feel guilty about every little thing.

With this, it feels like I "got caught" because I wanted to do things differently and ignore the "rules" and then it turned out that it might have caused a problem.

Does that even make sense?

Blogging about it really does help - the introspection and the venting and especially the positive feedback from the the few people who actually read it. So thank you all for that.

I posted pretty much the same thing on the baby led weaning forum, and of course, got lots of support and suggestions there.

My new British friends have a great phrase (they have a lot of great phrases, actually) when they are feeling like this - often in reference to losing confidence specifically with BLW, but with anything really -

They say that they are "wobbling" or "having a bit of a mummy wobble."

The other phrase I like is "slummy mummy." That's what you are when you do things the lazy way, or the "easy" way or the "way that would shock and appall the 'proper' mummies," like picking food back up off the floor and giving it to the kid.

But I digress :-)

So, yes, I know in my head that I'm being silly and letting this (and many things) bother me too much, and questioning myself too much, but ...well, there's really no "but" is there? I just am.


Thanks for listening while I do it.


  1. That's okay, we love you, wobbley, slummy, and all.

    And slummy mummy or not, you did take the bob of dog hair away before she ate it. :D

  2. Well, we were on camera, you know....

  3. I'm sure that the Moms and Mums of older kids can attest to this: there's not much we can say or do without some feeling of guilt. For instance, I missed Deions six month dental checkup and keep forgetting to make another appointment. And I'm not working. Or doing anything that would cause me to forget. So yeah. Guilty I am. ;)


What say you?