Friday, July 31, 2009

Daily Peep: Sit and Spin

Peeper doesn't spend very much time on the floor in the kitchen, other than passing through to the dogs' room when she's taking us for a walk.

In fact, I've probably only put her down there a couple of times in her life, mostly because it's so much more (visibly) yucky than the carpet, no matter how often we sweep. (Thanks, pets.)

Today, though, she was finished with lunch and done with being "down on the farm" (in her Exersaucer) and I was still eating my lunch, so I decided it was time to try out a new game.

As soon as we get around to it, we plan to get all the heavy and breakable stuff out of a small lower cabinet, and move all the stupid, mismatched plastic crap into it, for her to play with.

To date, we've managed to stack some stupid, mismatched plastic crap on the counter.

So, I plopped her in the floor and tossed her some plastic stuff and let her play for a while.

This is where she started:

I put a few dishes in to wash, looked back over at her, and this is what I saw!

So, how did that happen?


  1. 1> I am a complete dork.

    2> Did I say "...shit on the floor?" That was a mistake. I mean, she's just finished shitting the highchair.

  2. And "...bobs of puppy hair?"

    I really need to get out more, I have evidently become absolutley incoherent.

  3. And, if you're wondering, she did have some goody and a nap as soon as I put down the camera.

    That was filmed at 3:05 pm, it is now 5:25 pm and she's still asleep.


  4. You Mama now.

    I love that when you asked, "How did you do that?" she showed you. If she did not understand what you were asking and respond, she did a REALLY good imitation of it

  5. I know - how funny was that?!

  6. I love that you don't pick her up or 'fix' the situation AS SOON AS she gets frustrated. It shows what a good Mom you are. She is SO gorgeous and you and Shrike are such fantastic mommies and i loved the bit about her showing you how she got around! Love it.

  7. Re my 1st comment:

    That should read "...she'D just finished shitting IN the highchair."

    She didn't actually shit the highchair. It all stayed in her diaper.

    This time.

  8. I just can't stop watching this video! I see something new every time. Just like Honey I Shrunk the Kids! :D


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