Sunday, July 26, 2009

Daily Peep: Just Us, At Home

Nothing fancy, just Peeper and Shrike toddling around in the "dog's room" and me blabbing at them from behind the camera.


  1. She is going after the walking!

    I was wondering if you had let her play the piano yet. I was talking to someone just the other day and said something about you playing the piano when you were younger and they asked me if you were going to teach Peeper to play. :)

  2. Ironically, Shrike was the one who introduced her to it. I don't think I'd ever taken Peeper in that room until she started taking us in there.

    What we were talking about on the video is that Shrike thinks we shouldn't play it at night, because that room is all glass and is close to our neighbor's house, so it might disturb them.

    I suppose she has a point.

    Yes, I would love to teach Peeper to play when she's older. She loves banging on it, and her toy piano - which we just brought up from the basement a couple of days ago.


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