Saturday, July 25, 2009

Daily Peep: Baby's First PrideFest

We had a great time at PrideFest today. The weather wasn't too warm - and a few sprinkles late in the day made it quite comfortable - and we got to see lots of people whom we only run into at Pride - or at Democratic Party events.

And, we might have made some new friends - two different sets.

Not long after we got there, we were walking along and I heard a woman say, "Hey - more baby wearers!"

She had her eight-month-old son in a ringsling, so we started talking about baby carriers, and ended up sitting with them while Peeper nursed and their little guy slept, and comparing parenting notes.

Their baby was born three weeks early and it sounds like he had a lot of the same issues Peeper did with breastfeeding. He never did start latching, so she's exclusively pumping. I told her how impressed I was that she'd been doing that for eight months, after having done it for "only" six weeks!

They seem to be very much on the same page as us, in terms of parenting style and - get this - they are even doing baby led weaning, so we swapped stories about scaring grandmothers with greenbeans and developing manual dexterity!

They live almost an hour from us, which is a bummer, but maybe we'll manage to meet up in the middle sometime.

Later, we met another couple who has a five-year-old, and would like to have another, but would need a gestational carrier (surrogate), so we told them about our friend who is a surrogate, and it turns out they live in the same town as her. (Shrike's work town.)

So, we're going to give their contact information to her, because she's mentioned that she'd like to carry one more (that will be all they'll allow, because then she'll have had four c-sections) - or she might know another surrogate who might be interested.

Here are some photos from our big day.

All dressed up and ready to go.

Just arrived at the park, ready to see the sites with Mommy. (The hat didn't last very long.)

Hairy legs? Check
Melissa Etheridge quote t-shirt? Check
Nursing gayby? Check

Lesbian Mama Pride WIN!

Rockin' out to Tiffany. (Yes, that Tiffany.)

Peeper and Mama at dinner after the festival. (We went to Applebee's with Shrike's cousin, her partner and BigBoy R).


  1. Love the hat! (Even if she doesn't.)

  2. "He never did start latching, so she's exclusively pumping."

    I know it is really late in the game, but I wonder if she ever tried a nipple shield. If he would use it, even if he never got off of it, it would be a relief from full-time pumping.

  3. I think she said he would latch w/one for a while when he was very new?


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