Thursday, June 11, 2009

Taking What She Can Get

Peeper was just asleep in my lap, and I was reaching over her to type.

I suddenly felt something warm and wet, and realized that Peeper was trying to latch onto my upper arm flab that was hanging over her face.


  1. Lately, my bear has been trying to latch on to my belly flab in her haste to get to the boob, when I'm not fast enough.

  2. LOL - Makes me glad that I wear nursing tanks!

  3. My favorite is when some man in my life -- husband, Dad, brother, whomever -- brings me a wailing baby sucking furiously on his nose.

    "Um. I think she's looking for you."

  4. ES - I get that, too! I think she's going to give me a kiss, and next thing I know, she's gumming my nose!


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