Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Daily Peep: Getting a Grip

Over the past couple days, Peeper has suddenly made big strides in her fine motor skills, particularly her ability to pick up pieces of food and manipulate them.

We've gone from having to hand most of her food directly to her, to her picking up most of it herself.

The biggest news is that she's now able to bring food to her mouth in two different directions - either sticking out of her fist between her thumb and forefinger, or sticking out on the palm side!

This is huge, because it's the first step toward being able to eat things that aren't "stick shaped."

Although, there's still some confusion as to which technique to use when, and on occassion she find herself in a situation in which either approach fails her.

During this particular meal, she kept getting distracted from her food. I wonder why.
Who, me?

I think the reason she found PerfectPut so distracting is that it's usually just BigGaloot who is lurking under the highchair waiting for treats to rain down on him. It seems like PP's been there more often lately, though. Maybe she's just now figured it out?

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  1. So cute! My son was not much of a veggie lover. He liked peas, but you couldn't pay him to eat broccoli. Lucky you that Peeper seems to like a wide variety of foods. My son will eat most things now and I am so glad. I can't imagine having a picky eater.


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