Friday, June 19, 2009

Jessica's Story: Please Help

Jessica's mom, D, is channelling her grief into action, fighting for universal healthcare. She is ready and willing to do all she can to make sure this doesn't happen to someone else, and is hoping to have an opportunity to testify before Congress.

She's asked us to spread Jessica's story and, specifically, to pass it on to anyone who is working politically for healthcare reform.

In case you didn't see it, here's LadyKay's comment from my earlier post:

Thank you for posting this. Please, anyone and everyone, please pass this story along. If anyone wants more information on this just ask, Whozat can pass on my email. J's mother okayed giving out her real name and it is being included as the story is passing around the Internet, but Whozat decided against listing it to avoid bringing her blog up everytime someone googled the name. Thank you all.
In addition to posting Jessica's story here, I've emailed it to several people - include some who are working on healthcare reform both nationally and here in BlueState - and have also posted it on Facebook and Twitter.

Below are links to some local coverage.In these links, you will see her full name. You may use it when forwarding or reposting the story.

An interview that D did with a TV station in Houston

An op-ed that D wrote (she is a reporter at a local newspaper) last week

Jessica's obituary, from the same paper

Please feel free to link to these stories, as well as to my post about LadyKay's letter.

If you Tweet about this, please use the hashtags #jessica'sstory and #healthcare (first, follow @hashtags, so your hashtags are tracked).

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