Friday, June 19, 2009

Daily Peep: The Wisdom of our Elders

Problem 1: Peeper's decided that, unless she's in the middle of getting goody, sitting in Mama's lap in front of the computer is booooring.

Problem 2: Mama's got work to do, on the computer.

Problem 3: Peeper is more or less sitting up, but not reliably, and needs someone spotting her - or at least a soft place to land when she falls - just in case.

Problem 4: Peeper wants to sit and play with her toys, but they keep rolling / falling juuuust beyond her reach.

Idea 1: Anonymama tells me that, back in the prehistoric pre-Bumbo days, she would put her semi-sitting babies in a round laundry basket, with some towels.

Idea 2: LadyKay tells me that sitting-up Frappa liked to be put facing the corner of her playpen, so her toys were trapped where she could get to them.


It lasted almost long enough for me to write this post. Then she decided it was time for goody.

Which works, too - especially now that she's big enough to hang on while I use both hands to type!


  1. After a loooong nap, dinner, and some more nursing, she's back in her basket, having a great time talking to her toys!

    And, I should add, staying quite upright. I may have to declare her an official "sitter" pretty soon.

  2. Of course, as soon as I posted that comment, she started whining and fell over.


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