Friday, June 26, 2009

Daily Peep: Tutu Cute


  1. And, I should add that, after I got her dressed, I plopped her down in the floor to play.

    Then I went into the other room to get my make up, brought it back into her room and put it on (ok, that only takes seconds, there's not much of it), washed my hands, got the wrap, put it on, and put on my shoes.

    All while she sat there and played.

    She did fall over backward/sideways once, and ended up on her tummy, but I saw it happen, and she didn't cry a bit about the fall itself - just the "Oh crap, now I'm stuck on my tummy!" afterward.

    I think that, any minute now, we might have to declare her an official sitter (who sometimes falls over) as opposed to saying "she's learning to sit up."

  2. Oh, and in the list of things I did while she was sitting there, I suppose we should add "went and got camera, took photos of baby sitting."

  3. Yeah, yeah, enough of the incredibly unbelievable tutu adorableness. It's the 27th. Where is our panda pic and our make-us-cry letter? :D

  4. Yeah, no pressure there. . . .

    Geez, woman, we just woke up!

    Guess I'd better get them up before (or during?) our weekly phone call this evening, huh?


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