Thursday, June 25, 2009

Daily Peep: No Respect for the Law (of Gravity)

Okay, she had a little help getting into this position, but she does pretty well once she's there.

Until she lets go.

She has no idea that one shouldn't do that.

After all, experience has taught her that, pretty much whatever you do, a mother will catch you before you crack your noggin on the floor.

I'm not quite sure how to teach her otherwise without, you know, letting her crack her noggin a few times.

Which just doesn't seem right, somehow.

As I said, I helped her to get in this position, but she is trying desperately to get up on her own.

The problem is that she doesn't yet get herself into any good positions from which to stand, such as kneeling or squatting, so she's trying to get up directly from seated-on-the-floor.

Hell, I have trouble doing that.

Her best bet is if she's sitting on something like my leg, with her feet on the floor, as though she were in a chair or on a bench, and also has something to hold onto, like the rim of the basket.

She's also been known to stand from that position without something to hold onto.

Up, up, up - and down.

And if she's got something behind her back, to lean against, she likes to go with the pregnant-lady-getting-out-of-a-low-chair technique, in which she pushes her back against something and straightens her legs and leads with her hips.

If that something is an adult, who can also help her to balance, and give her a bit of a push, it actually works.

I think we've got a ways to go before we can check off "pulls self to standing" on ye olde milestone chart, though.

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