Saturday, May 16, 2009

Holy Shit

Warning: This post is all about poop. Sorry Mommy.

When Peeper was a wee-tot, she was one of those in-and-out babies, who pooped every time she ate. For months, it was very rare to change a diaper that was only wet, but it was not a big deal, because it was sweet little breast-baby poop, and usually not much of it, since she went so often.

Of course, there were the wild variations in color, and the occassional bit of blood, but we got that all worked out when I went dairy-free.

Then it became a beautiful textbook shade of mustard yellow and over the next few weeks, she started spacing out her poops to once every day or two - or, occassionally, three.

When she did go, it was a doozy, but it wasn't often, and it was still quite inoffensive, so that was fine.

Then she started eating solid foods.

Suddenly, she was back to going several times a day, which was actually a bit of a relief to me, since I know some babies tend to get plugged up when they start solids, and boy was it interesting.

Still your basic runny, breastmilk poop, but now with evidence of her previous meal or two.

This was actually pretty handy, as a way of knowing what she'd managed to get down her throat and not just in her hair.

She had a rather impressive diaper on Wednesday evening, when we were at Pizza Hut for a La Leche League fundraiser.

I had been talking about this whole solid-food-eating thing with LeaderH, whose son is about six weeks older than Peeper.

He's eating lots of purees, but no fingerfoods, so I said, "Do you want to see what happens when a six-month-old eats broccoli?!"

She declined.

(In my defense (I tend to say that alot, don't I?) she and I have had several conversations about the color of our babies' poops.)

As of last night, she'd not pooped since then, and I was starting to get a bit worried, until Shrike reported a "big poop" when she changed her out of her overnight diaper this morning.

I checked it out ("So," Shrike asks, "what's in her future?") and saw that there wasn't that much in there, but it was definitely different from what we've seen before.

Much less running, more gooey, and with very few identifiable bits and pieces in it.

I wondered if that was just a one-shot deal, or something new and long-term.

Now, seven or so hours later?

That "big" poop she had this morning?


That. Was. Nothing.

Right after Shrike left for work, Peeper nursed and took a nap, and before she'd been asleep long, I realized that she was poopy, but it didn't seem to bother her, so I let her sleep.

When she woke up I changed her. Big poopy, and just like this morning.

Then twice more. Within the next hour or so. Even bigger.

Nope, she's definitely not plugged-up.

In fact, I think that break she'd taken since Thursday may have been a temporary work-stoppage for the purpose of installing the big-girl-poopy-making machinery.

I keep reading on the BLW forum that at first, you'll have essentially breastfed poop with undigested bits of solids - check - but then, as they start actually digesting the food they are eating, it becomes "the consistency of peanut butter" with less solid pieces coming through - aaannnd check!

What we're seeing now might not quite qualify yet, but she's definitely well on her way.

So, yuk yuk and yuk, but on the other hand, I am so proud of her!

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