Saturday, May 16, 2009

Daily Peep: That's My Girl!

In her hand: Turkey sausage
On her mouth: Barbecue sauce

This afternoon, I got Peeper all set up in her highchair with some veggies, while I tried to make myself some barbecue sausage spaghetti, which involved cutting up some onion and pepper and sausage, tossing them in a pan, and boiling spaghetti.

What I didn't plan on was that it would also involve stopping twice to change big-girl-poopy-diapers, but that's a story that's already been told.>

When I got to the sausage, I thought, "Eh, what the hell." and carved her out a couple of stick-shaped pieces with no skin on them.

(This was a "loop" of precooked packaged sausage. Louis Rich or something similar.)

It had been in the freezer, so I just ran it under hot water so it wasn't painfully cold to handle (I do that before I cut it up, too) and gave it to her.

She definitely seemed to like it and it kept her pretty entertained for quite a while.

By the time my food was ready, she was beyond done with being in the highchair, so I just held her in my lap while I ate.

She was trying to go for my bowl, but it was too hot and everything was cut too small for her, so I tried dipping her sausage stick into a teeeeny bit of barbecue sauce and handing it back.

She chewed on it til it was clean, and when I asked if she wanted some more, I think she tried to drop it in the bowl (now empty, except for sauce).

It missed the bowl, but I dipped it for her and gave it back, and she sucked it clean again, so I dipped it another time or two.

She eventually started dropping the meat sticks on the floor, so I figured she was done with that, but she took my (small plastic) bowl and I think she wanted to lick the sauce out of it, although she couldn't quite figure out what to do!

I know that she was able to get some small bites off of the sausage, because she spit several of them back out, but I'm betting that she swallowed a bit as well.

She didn't seem to have any trouble handling it; there was no gagging at all.

It's probably got more salt and nitrites than she should have on a regular basis, but I don't think a taste now and then will hurt her.

And she sure seemed to enjoy it!


  1. Remember Gerber's meat sticks and chicken sticks? You and your brother loved them.

  2. And your sister still loves them. Meat Sticks, not Chicken Sticks. Chicken Sticks are yucky. :)

  3. Funny you should mention that, because when she was eating this, I thought it reminded me of those or of Vienna sausages.

  4. You might have to give Nestle a pass when it comes to Meat Sticks. I mean, come on, they're MEAT STICKS. There is no substitute.


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