Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not The Newest Flavor From Starbucks

Yesterday morning, Peeper was in her highchair having some banana and crackers, and Shrike and I were trying to pull together our breakfasts.

While my bagel toasted, I took my travel mug of coffee from the night before out of the fridge (I like it cold) to top it off. I added some French vanilla decaf coffee (at room temperature in the coffee pot) and lowfat chocolate soy milk from the fridge, along with a couple of packets of Splenda.

As I was stirring it up, I noted how mahogany (is that what you'd call a reddish brown color?) the chocolate soy milk was; I expected a more grayish brown shade. Hmmm, interesting.

I took a sip, and it just wasn't quite right.

Too sweet?

With a bit of a twanginess to it?

Just, weird.

I thought maybe I'd overdone the Splenda for the amount that I'd added, given that the half-cup I started with already had some in it.

So, I put it in a bigger mug and added the rest of the coffee and some more milk.

It still tasted very not right.

I couldn't figure it out, because the same "recipe" had been just fine the night before, but now, something was horribly wrong with it.

I would have suspected sour milk, but does soy go sour? Overnight?

I gave up and dumped the whole thing down the sink and decided I'd just drink Kool-Aid instead.

I went into the office to retrieve the mug that I'd used for Kool-Aid the night before, and on my desk was . . .

. . . a mug with a tiny bit of coffee in it.

Wait a minute . . .

If this was my coffee mug from the night before, what had I taken out of the fridge?

My Kool-Aid mug from the night before.

Which was half-full of Kool-Aid.

Sweet, twangy, and red Kool-Aid.

If you ever find yourself thinking that a French vanilla, chocolate, tropical punch latte would be delicious?


Just stop.

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