Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Daily Peep: Broccoli Bearded Baby

You might have noticed the crappy phone camera photos lately.

I was having trouble getting the computer to see my card reader, or anything else plugged into my USB multiport thingy.

Tracked down an unplugged cable and, miraculously, that fixed it right up!

So, here are some photos I took last night.


  1. That's my little broccoli girl!

  2. Poor child! Her gastronomic horizons have been so limited that she thinks broccoli is a big treat. Wait til she tries gumbo or etouffe.

  3. lol - I know, it's pretty sad isn't it?

    I will have to introduce her to those when we visit in July.

    I'm anxious for her to get the all-clear on the dairy, too, so I can introduce her to Mexican food!

  4. Um, I am not so sure you want to do that, unless you have a gross of gripe water. The broccoli does not agree with her too much.

  5. Hmm, that could be a problem. We don't seem to have any gripe water.

    I want to try the broccoli again (when I don't need to be up early in the morning) and see if seems to give her problems again. Once could be a coincidence.


What say you?