Monday, May 4, 2009

Daily Peep: Cracker Snackin'

Yes, you probably are going to see quite a bit of this sort of thing for a while.

At least until the novelty wears off. (For me, not Peeper.)

Now that we're past the big, bad, first-one-is-the-worst-one (For me, not Peeper.) banana encounter, I'm willing to let her try anything that's not on a for-God's-sake-don't-let-the-baby-have-that! list somewhere, and see how it goes.

(Mostly, how it's going is in her lap.)

Today, we all sat down to the table together a couple of times. She played with some more banana, and even bit off a tiny piece. I think most of it came plopping back out a few seconds later, but she might have swallowed a bit.

We also let her try a Ritz cracker. I washed wiped licked the salt off the top first. I will look for a low-salt version, because it was way saltier than we'd like her to have, but easy for her to hold (the banana is awful slippery) and pretty melt-in-the-mouthy.

She looks pretty impressive with it here . . .

. . . but is clearly still working out the details.

BigGaloot is loving this new game - Same cute baby, new delicious flavor!

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