Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blog Reader Appreciation Day 2009

Today is Blog Reader Appreciation Day, so I want to take this opportunity to thank all both of you for listening to my ramblings, looking at my kid, and offering your witty retorts of support.

Since the beginning, I have found blogging to be very therapuetic, and it probably would be whether anyone was actually reading what I wrote or not, but it sure is nice to know that it is being read and, hopfully, appreciated.

Especially over the past few weeks, during all the stress surrounding Peeper's surgery, it's been very helpful to know that so many people out there (blog readers and others, of course) were thinking about us, and sending us so much good mojo.

Of course, I very much appreciate those readers who I know are "always there" - my "followers" (Wow, that makes me sound like some sort of cult leader or something?!) and those of you who comment regularly (including, of course, my family who is watching Peeper grow up via my Daily Peeps), but it's also very exciting to hear from someone new - a new reader, or someone of the "long-time reader, first-time commenter" variety - and how totally fucking omigod! cool is it when a comment pops up from one of my favorite bloggers?!

(I'm talking to you, DaMomma. Everyone else: If you don't know DaMomma, go read her blog now. And then congratulate her on the birth of her third daughter, Eden.)

Blogging has given me an outlet for extraverting and venting and processing all manner of things over the past couple of years, and has also become my primary medium for documenting Peeper's growth and development.

(Seriously. If I'm wondering when she hit a certain milestone, or how much she weighed at a certain time, or what her medicine dosages started at - I just check the blog. It is her baby book.)

And - contrary to what Shrike might tell you - all that talking wouldn't be nearly as much fun for me if you weren't listening.

So, thank you.

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  1. Having been 'removed' from Yourtown for quite a while but still wanting to stay connected to you both, I feel lucky to be ALLOWED to read your blog. It makes me feel as if I haven't missed a single beat of your lives when I know i've missed quite a few songs in reality. I love and adore and admire you both so much. Oh.. and Peeper has my vote for President in however many years it takes. :)


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