Saturday, March 14, 2009

She Said / She Said

I Says:
This morning, I was sleeping peacefully when I heard Peeper, well, peeping.

Stirring, fussing, grunting around. You get the idea.

I patted her and thought, "Oh, pleeeeaaase go back to sleeeep!" but she didn't settle down, so I thought, "Okay, okay, fiiiiine. She's awake. I'll get up and nurse her and then she'll go back to sleep."

About then, I saw Shrike sit up and start getting out of bed.

Oh good, that's a bit better.

"You change her," I mumbled, "while I get ready." (pee, get the boppy, etc)

(This was really pointless to even say outloud, as it's our typical morning routine when Peeper wakes up.)

I could hear Peeper crying in the other room, and when Shrike brought her back to me, she said ,"Since when do we change her at 5:30 in the morning?"

(There might have been an f-word somewhere in that sentence.)

"What the hell?" I thought, chalked it up to morning grumpiness, nursed Peeper and went back to sleep.

She Says:
She was sound asleep, until I woke her up and told her to change Peeper's diaper.

Peeper was sound asleep until she carried her (sleeping!) into the other room and started changing her diaper, thus waking her up and pissing her off.

Other She Says:
Well, nothing.

Peeper's not letting on as to what really happened, but I suspect that I dreamed the whole baby-waking-up and Shrike-offering-to-change-her thing, and just woke them both for a completely pointless diaper change.

Let's Review:
I woke Shrike up at 5:30 am and told her to change the sleeping baby's diaper for no apparent reason.

And she did it.


  1. LOL! Peeper will be in elementary school and you'll still be hearing phantom crying. :)

  2. That's totally hilarious. Sleep deprivation is a magical thing.

    I love that Shrike did it. I think that's my favorite part.


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