Saturday, March 14, 2009

Overheard: Booby Edition

As BigGaloot is lying on his side on the floor:

Shrike (sounding a bit alarmed): Honey, he has a nipple!
Whozat (thinking "doesn't everyone?"): Of course he has nip. . . Oh.
(He had stolen a bottle nipple and was chewing on it. He might as well; Peeper won't.)

As Peeper is hanging out with Shrike, and I'm messing around on my computer:

Peeper: Grunt, squawk, I'd like some goody now, please.
Whozat: Okay, just let me go to the bathroom first.
Peeper: Where's my damn goody!?
Shrike: Where's Mama?
Whozat walks back into the room.
Shrike: Hey, there's Ol' Milk Bags!

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